terms &   conditions

       - When packaged up the
    roomoon is quite a heavy item. It is designed as
   a heavy item. It is designed as a semi permanent thing;
 ease of portability is important to us but it is not thenumber one
requirement for the roomoon. It should fit in most cars.

 - We provide a set up service; this can be helpful if you want to see first hand
how it is made and works.

- We would suggest that you shouldn't hang it any higher than 6 metres (the limit of our
 largest hoist) off the ground, as above this height the setting up the tent can be very
difficult without a ladder.

   - When packing up your roomoon please make sure that the canvas is dry. The canvas is only resistant
to rot and water damage.

   - The roomoon is not designed for all weather conditions. If there is a huge thunderstorm the roomoon will
be fine but is is only water resistant, it is not 100% water proof. Light to heavy rain is fine, but vast quantities
of rain may cause problems, hanging tent company have noted dripping off the chain, the solution is to push
the through the top of the tent when its not in use.

- There is a 4-6 week lead time per tent as it is a bespoke product and therefore needs to be hand made.

-Do not use walls, fences, street furniture, roof racks, or posts as anchor points for the hoist.

- Check all components regularly and replace if damaged. Keep away from fire.

- roomoon should not be used after the consumption of any intoxicating substances.

- Keep away from sharp or pointy objects. This includes shoes and climbing gear.

- Children must always be supervised by an adult. Do not attach to branches with a diameter of less
than 20cm/ 10"or that show signs of structural weakness or rot.

               - Do not use during lightning storms or very high winds.

- Do not adjust slings or hoist mallions when the tent is occupied.

- Do not anchor to tree limbs that are small and dry.

- Roomoon does not offer full protection from all wild animals.

- I work on the basis that when you order your roomoon we will work out
the most suitable way of transferring the funds.

- The colours shown are not the only colours
a roomoon can come in. Inquire for details.

- Please follow the instructions provided
when putting the roomoon up.
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