the frame

                      Made out of stainless steel; a metal that is
                  water proof and extremely high quality, not only
                this, it posses enormous strength. The frame is
               rolled and made by hand. This allows for the very
               peak of quality manufacture.

               Collapsing down to a very manageable size the
              frame can fit in most cars, which give the roomoon
               scope to be put anywhere you can get a car near!

                     The assembly of the frame is very simple and
                        straight forward, utilising single push pins
                            to hold the frame rigid.
          lifting gear

                      The roomoon is suspended by 3 Dyneema
                  slings. Each of these light weight slings can
                take 3 tonnes. The roomoon itself is suspended
               by a chain hoist which is a very powerful piece of
               machinery capable of lifting 1 tonne with ease.

               It does this by making use of gears to pull the tent
              in to the tree tops. Working like a blind your run
               a small chain loop through your hands to to use
                     the mechanism.
          the floor

                    Made out of very light weight pine, the floor
                   has been machined to maintain strength
                and keep the weight down.

               Rolling up to allow for easy transportation, the
               floor doubles up as a large holdall for the
               frame and canvas.

              There is a large space under the floor which can
               be used for storage, simply lift the floor up
                     nd put anything underneath!
          the canvas

                      Made out of high strength canvas. It's
                  completely water, stain and uv proof. Also the
                canvas is resistant to fire, rot, wear and

               There is a huge choice of colours, the ones pictured
               on the website are but a small selection.
               Hanging Tent Company also encourages
              innovation, so if you wish to have a canvas in a
               specific pattern or material then don't
                     hesitate to contact Hanging Tent Company:

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