The new
        movement in tensile
       design is coming with
   this revolutionary idea,
 roomoon©, which brings a
        whole new meaning
                 to glamping.

      A comfortable, stable,
      affordable option for
    roomoon© will
  be tailor-made to
   your needs by a
       skilled set of

  locally in Dorset
                 "Being in
           the roomoon is
     like being in a balloon
  soaring through the tree
  canopies. You really feel
   like a part of something
         much bigger and
          more important."

                                                      About Roo
                          Rufus, known as Roo, is a young up
                     and coming creative individual who has
                lived in rural Dorset for 19 years. His parents;
            architect and artist, have both provided the ideal
        environment for him to expand his originality. From a
                                    young age Roo has shown interest in all
                                           creative forms from design to sculpture.
                                              When he was very young he used to
                                                  dismantle anything he could get his
                                                     hands on, then attempting to
                                                     reconstruct it again; in most cases
                                                     unsuccessfully! As he grew up he
                                                    refined his skills and began; in typical
                                                   boyish fashion, creating things such
                                                  as a go-cart from scratch, a fishing
                                            rod, a trebuchet and other funky designs.
                                         From this base he then attended Bryanston
                                   school where he was allowed to expand,
building and creating all manor of brilliant things. Some of his
  works are still on show around the school. The roomoon was
     Roo's design and technology A-Level project. Only
         because of Bryanston's flexibility was the roomoon
              possible. A year down the line and the roomoon
                           can be made for anybody however
                                                they want.
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                              The Canvas

Beautifully hand crafted, the canvas
can completely open up, revealing the
world to the people inside. lightweight
and fantastically well made the
canvas will last in all weather.

                              The Floor

The floor is designed to be as portable as
possible and yet maintain the high standard of
the rest of the tent, made out of a light weight pine
for ease of movement and capable of rolling
up to access the storage below.

                             The Frame

The frame is made out of stales steel
and so this means that it is strong
and weather proof not only this. It
collapses down to make the roomoon
a viable option for long camping
trips and festivals.

                             The Hoist

the hoist has its roots in 18th century
engineering. capable of lifting over 1 tonne
with ease. the user need only to run
the lightweight pulley chain through
their hands to be lifted in to the canopies.

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